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 Kcvds Former Duel Etiquette

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PostSubject: Kcvds Former Duel Etiquette   Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:00 am

As we all know KCVDS have some limitations. Example> Standby phase Don't Pause until players decide to move to Main Phase 1. This Article is Designed to make people aware of some of the proper dueling Etiquette we should be using during duels. This may not be a big deal in everyday friendly duels but becomes a big deal in WARS and Formal Duels.

I know this because all the Best duelist I've run into on KCVDS would usually ask K? when they summon or play a card. The Intermediate duelists try to RUN off with moves and say "Oh sorry, you're too late". When 1 person is moving and when the Turns is changing, the other player cannot make a move. You may think, this will make the game boring. But believe me, it's better than someone Raging or feeling like they got Cheated.

1> Ask your opponent whenever you PLAY a CARD or activate an EFFECT if they want to Respond. A simple " k? " would do the trick.

2> Turn player always have priority unless he decides to pass priority to the opponent. Turn player must call Priority BEFORE he summon a monster with Ignition effect. Ignition means the effect is a) NOT a (When Summon) effect like Monarchs and b) its an ( Optional ) effect meaning he could have chosen to use the effect or not to use the effect. People usually try to call priority, once they see the trap hole, I simply just don't allow it.

3> It's better to perform actions which happens in End Phase, (Example> Light-sworn Milling or Stardust Come Back) during Main Phase 2. You don't want your opponent to summon a monster and then you say "oh, I need to mill, and put Wulf on the field". This may cause your opponent to want to call back their summon and feel upset because you've seen their card.

4> If you have a card you wish to activate in Opponents Draw Phase or Stand-By phase. Be sure to type DP Activation or in DP. What I do is Type DP before I even hit the End Turn button. Then while they're drawing I submit the text DP Activation. I don't want them to Summon a card which I may want to target in their hand.

5> Battle Phase Sub-Steps, NO-ONE can move the battle phase Sub-Steps unless a) BOTH players Agree or b) Certain actions happen. Example> If I attack your face down monster and you Flip it Over, that Automatically put us in Damage Step. So at this point you cannot activate Book of the Moon or Mirror Force. Also you cannot Activate NORMAL trap cards Unless, it says it can be activated in Damage Step or Damage Calculations.

Remember Damage Step and Damage Calculations are 2 different Sub-Steps. There's Only 1 (ONE) Chain allowed in Damage Calculations. This is Important, because often times when I play Judge Level duelists, it comes down to Technicality. Check out the ruling on Honest for some examples.

Allot of times, intermediate duelist would flip a card and tell me I cannot use Forbidden Challace on their Ryko because we're in Damage Calculations. And I say "How did we get to Damage Cal, I never agreed to skip Damage Step".

I'm not writing all this as a way to screw your opponent or make the duel less fun. I'm just letting someone who is not aware of the proper methods, wither or not someone chooses to use the proper method is up to them. But, I'm not gonna back anyone up who complains about their opponent Callin-Back 3 moves if they didn't ask the opponent if it was OK to move to move 2 or 3.

I'll update this as more Etiquette comes to mind. For now lets Duel with Honor.
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Kcvds Former Duel Etiquette
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