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 My Suggestion for Ranking System

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PostSubject: My Suggestion for Ranking System   Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:39 pm

- I think we should use a Ranking System like the Badge System I had b4.
- Original 5 members have 10 badges. Everyone else would start with 5.
- You win a Phoenix Badges from dueling, and Creating stuff for the Forum.
- We should edit our names in Hamachi to reflect the badges like this:
{5}{Phoenix} Ubzen {Tester}
- You'll be able to use your badges to Request / Purchase
Wars ------------- (Cost 20 Badges)
Tournaments ----- (Cost 10 Badges)
Graphic Art ------- (Cost 2 Badges)
Deck Maker ------- (Cost 1 Badge)
- The Clan Leader would be awarding the Phoenix Badges for the Creative Stuff.
Well this is just my idea ... I hope to hear from everyone else.
-PS- No beating on 1 person again. If you have more badges then them.
You record your duel in the Record Section and the other person confirm.
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My Suggestion for Ranking System
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